Colin Agnew

Drummer. Percussionist. Producer.


Hi everyone. Iā€™m Colin.

I make music with my hands and my voice, often using instruments, some conventional, some rather unorthodox. Creating music with people who envision something beautiful and wondrous beyond themselves is where my passion lies. I spend most of my energy making myself into who I want to be while reflecting on who I have been, creating a life worth living, and developing art and artists. I have always been fascinated by people, and by all the ways they express themselves individually and corporately. As an artist I take great pride in all the endeavors I involve myself with, and I would love to be involved in your musical life. Whether you seek a voice behind the drums or in a playground of percussion, a producer at the helm of an upcoming album, or are seeking guidance to develop your own ears and voice for expression, I am excited to hear from you. Ultimately, it is connecting with people on a path of love and compassion that is why I am here. Joy is found within our connections - big and small, extended and brief, intimate and casual.

Thanks for dropping in.

website photography by Mallory Edwards