Colin Agnew

Drummer. Percussionist. Producer.

Hi everyone. I’m Colin.

The most valuable gift of an artist is to help others express themselves individually and collectively. I spend my energy cultivating a life of mindfulness and creating music with people who envision it as something wholly wondrous beyond themselves, and as one of the most significant contributions of our species. Whether you seek a voice behind the drums or in a playground of percussion, a producer at the helm of an upcoming recording project, or are seeking guidance to develop your own ears and expressive voice, I am excited to connect with you. Ultimately, our greatest joys are found within our connections - big and small, extended and brief, intimate and casual.


Colin Agnew was born in a rural town in North Georgia on October 21, 1985. The son of a math teacher and an anesthetist, he was raised in a devoted Southern family with leanings toward practical wisdom and emotional independence. Beginning with piano lessons from his mother at age 6, he soon dedicated his life to music. Piano was the vehicle that started him on his journey, but at age 10 he picked up a pair of drum sticks and took to the fast lane. He went on to study percussion at the prestigious Savannah Arts Academy in that historic city where his family had settled. Throughout adolescence he worked relentlessly on his craft while being immersed in a breadth of performing arts. The record store soon became his second home as his appetite for new music became insatiable. Following a relocation to Atlanta he earned a performance degree in jazz studies at Georgia State University and continued broadening his creative scope through a variety of extracurricular endeavors newly available to him in such a multicultural metropolis.

Throughout Colin’s early 20s he continually expanded himself as a well-rounded percussionist, eagerly diving into the depths of improvisational music, international folk music, experimental music, traditional popular music, and all the wrinkles in between. His constant search for his own voice was driven by an almost obsessive thirst to understand and connect with people in all their infinitely dynamic forms of expression. His quest was not limited by the dogmatic expectations of a traditional music education, but unchained by the boundless nuance, movement, and language found in the vastness of human creativity. This involved constantly performing in a staggering array of environments - small jazz combos, Latin dance bands, indie rock bands, neo-soul groups, classical orchestras, international folk music ensembles, abstract dance companies, songwriter festivals, and creative workshops. He also helped develop numerous multimedia productions, performance art troupes, and education-based percussion programs.

By age 21, Colin had firmly established himself as a consummate artist in the rich music scene of Atlanta. He was performing seven nights a week while attending school and dedicating nearly all his free time to an independent study of the music of Latin America. Over the next few years his versatility made him into one of the most in demand studio percussionists in the Southeast United States, a highly sought after world touring drummer, and a respected clinician of multicultural percussion and improvisation. Performing and recording across 46 states and 4 continents with an abundance of commanding and innovative musicians has kept Colin in almost perpetual motion for more than a decade. Throughout his career he has played with such artists as Cicada Rhythm, Adron, Blair Crimmins and The Hookers, Eliot Bronson, Little Tybee, River Whyless, Chelsea Shag, Shawn Mullins, Marshall Ruffin, André Rievers, Anthony David, Julie Dexter, and Chantae Cann. Colin’s commitment to the creative process is evident in the sincere respect he brings to each new artistic opportunity and to each new person he encounters. Currently his time at home is spent in personal and creative development, production of his debut solo album entitled War Woman, due to be released in Fall 2019, and helping other artists develop their own voice for musical expression.

website photography by Mallory Edwards